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The JV Corner has topics that every JV needs to know and even good for Varsity officials to review periodically.

These items are intended to be used in conjunction with the Game Officials Mechanics Manual and the Official Rules Book.  The books will be provided each year by the chapter, but you can also buy your own Paper Copy or an E-book Version from the NFHS website.



The Arbiter (https://www.arbitersports.com) is the website used to manage our game schedules.  Make sure to login to it and confirm your email address is accurate.  Setting your profile picture can also be helpful for other officials to get to know you.

When assigned a game, be sure to accept or reject the game as soon as possible.  Also make a comment on the game informing the crew you are aware and what your intentions are of meeting up with them prior to the game. Your “R” (the referee) should always give you all info on where you’re meeting and when.


For Youth Games, officials are allowed to wear black shorts and black crew socks.  Officials should attempt to wear the same uniform type and sleeve length whenever possible.

For Modified, JV, and Varsity games, black pants may only be worn and all officials must wear the same sleeve length shirts.


For Youth Games, arrive at the game site at least 30 minutes early, and be on the field 15 minutes prior to game time.  Mileage is not paid for youth games, so car pooling is not necessary.

For Modified and JV Games, arrive at the game site at least 30 minutes early and be on the field 20 minutes prior to game time. Officials should attempt to car pool whenever it is possible.

For Varsity games, arrive at the game site as instructed by the “R” in the Arbiter comments for the game.  The arrival time will typically be 1.5 – 2 hours before game time.


Read all the mechanics and procedures in the documents on Mechanics & Procedures.

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